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Have you ever wondered if moving website platforms could affect your SEO? Maybe you’re thinking about switching from Squarespace to Showit (a decision I’ve made before) and you’re worried about it affecting your search engine rankings.

How to move website platforms without losing Your SEO ranking

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Ever wondering whether a Showit template is the right move for your business, or how to select the best one for your business? You’re not alone! Let’s dive into the world of DIY’ing your website – minus the complications of design experience or coding.

How to choose the right Showit website template for your business

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In the digital age, your website is the visual storefront of your business. It plays a crucial role in attracting and converting leads. But how do you know when it’s time to upgrade from a DIY approach to a professionally designed website? 

10 signs it's finally time to hire a professional website designer


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Fully Custom Showit Website Design Showit Registered Dietitian Website Design I am absolutely thrilled to feature one of my continuously evolving projects: The Sorority Nutritionist. Led by a registered dietitian, Lauren Hubert, who is nothing short of a guiding star in the wellness community, this brand is dedicated to empowering women on their weight loss […]

The Sorority Nutritionist

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Fully Custom Showit Website Design Showit Fitness Coach Website Design When Vivian first reached out to me, she was looking for a website that would showcase not just her top-notch coaching services but also her effervescent personality. Fast-forward a bit, and boom—a site that’s as vibrant and fun as Viv herself. She had never had […]

Vivs Gym

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Showit Template Customization Showit Psychiatrist Website Design Introducing this clean and professional website design for Neuminds Behavioral Healthcare. Erin recently opened the doors to her new practice and, like many medical professionals, knew she needed an online home that would serve her patients and their families well. However, after purchasing a template from another designer, […]

Neuminds Behavioral Healthcare

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Showit Template Customization Showit Holistic Health Coach Website Design When Giovana, the compassionate and wise soul behind Natural Holistic Harmony, approached me, she was clear on her mission but struggling to express it online. Her goal was to create a platform that not only exuded holistic health but also shined a light on her unique […]

Natural Holistic Harmony

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Showit Template Customization Showit Wellness Coach Website Design As a new entrepreneur, Cayla wasn’t looking for the moon and stars; she just wanted a cozy corner of the internet where her budding community could connect and thrive. My older version of my Showit template, ‘Dominique,’ was the perfect choice for her to promote her new […]

Cayla Cripps

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