I noticed that a lot of business owners weren't aware that they had to conduct a website audit at least once a year to ensure their website is up to date and relevant! Audits allows you to check that everything on your site is working great.  I created this 11-page starter website audit checklist in order to help people like you to see if your website needs a refresh or some maintenance work.


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This is the first software I open when I start my workday. I'm an organizational freak & ClickUp has been life changing. I've never been so productive or organized in my life! You can manage client projects, personal projects, assign tasks to team members, write to-do lists and keep track of everything in your business. Their paid plan is only $5 when companies like Asana will charge you $25 for the same exact features. I promise, it's worth it!



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I've tried multiple email marketing companies, but the frustrating user interface and price based on the amount of subscribers turned me off. They offer a variety of pre-made templates that are beautiful and so easy to use. With my discount, you'll get unlimited subscribers for $19 a month FOR LIFE (usually $38/month) I love using them as they don't penalize you for growing your subscribers list, it's always the same price. 



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My most used business tool. I get complimented by clients every single time on how easy my booking/design process is, thanks to Dubsado! They play the biggest part on how I convert my leads into paying clients. Without pressing a finger, you can have all your documents, contracts & invoices sent to your clients. Get a free 3 client trial below (no time limit) rather than your typical week trial. Use code CreatewithDanielle for a 20% discount!

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Wasting time and money on business tools that end up being a poor investment can be stressful, I've been there! I've tried countless tools and have finally found the best of the best. All of the tools below are ones I use everyday & recommend to all business owners. They help me automate my business, stay organized, save me time & has been an amazing investment. Some links on this page are affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission or credit when you make a purchase using my link. Enjoy them, they're so worth it!


Podia was perfect for me since my business doesn't focus only on courses. For only $39/month, you can sell courses, memberships and more!

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This is the place to go if you're wanting a Privacy Policy + Terms for your website, and not able to invest in a lawyer right now. Same with business contracts!

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Want to present your work to clients and on social media in a stunning way? Almost all of my photos on my website and social media are thanks to Moyo.

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