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I am absolutely thrilled to feature one of my continuously evolving projects: The Sorority Nutritionist. Led by a registered dietitian, Lauren Hubert, who is nothing short of a guiding star in the wellness community, this brand is dedicated to empowering women on their weight loss journeys. A sleek, modern website immediately establishes professionalism. For a registered dietitian, this is crucial as clients are looking for trustworthy sources of health and nutrition advice. The website features scientific-backed information, patient testimonials, before and afters, and all contributing to an image of expertise and reliability. Over the past year, I’ve had the delight of redesigning each and every website page. Explore this fun registered dietitian website design below.

About The Project

As a continuing client, I have the pleasure of designing sales pages for her upcoming programs and offers. The addition of videos and interactive elements takes user engagement to the next level. These elements make complex nutritional concepts easy to understand, creating a richer, more informative client experience. When redesigning the website, we took a deep dive into user experience and navigational elements to make the visitor’s journey as seamless as it is enlightening. After all, a brand as transformative as The Sorority Nutritionist deserves a digital platform that’s equally impactful. Accessibility is integrated into every design decision we make.

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