It takes 0.5 seconds for a visitor to form an opinion on your brand once they land on your website. Why not make that first impression count?

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Pricing all depends on amount of content and number of pages. I will do Squarespace upon request for the same price. Request my proposal for details about my add-on services and pricing for e-commerce & additional pages.


includes tax


united states 

includes tax



includes tax



✓ Showit In Depth Tutorial

✓ Two Rounds of Revision 

✓ Wordpress Blog Setup + Design

✓ 2 Month Email Support

✓ Social Media Launch Graphics

✓ Showit or Squarespace Website

✓ Up to 5 Pages

✓ Mobile Responsive Design

✓ Domain Set Up & Integration

✓ Search Engine Optimization

what's in it for you?


Custom design is for small business owners wanting a one-of-a-kind website that speaks to their ideal clients. My process begins with discovering your brand and how you'd like to portray it to your clients and converting your vision into successful sales. With our collaboration and listening to your needs, I will design a fully unique website for your business and ensure you are happy with the results. We'll end off with some virtual champagne and launch your website, so you can sit back and watch the inquiries and sales roll in! 



Twinesse Laser Clinic

There are no words to describe how incredibly talented, hard working, patient and understanding Danielle is! We’ve had so many compliments from people about how beautiful and easy to use it is. Danielle listened to all of our requests and was able to accommodate everything we ever wanted. Even if something was not doable she went above and beyond to solve the problems just so she could deliver exactly what we wanted. We definitely recommend her to others in need of an amazing website! 

Shining Mia

Danielle is honestly amazing! After a previously stressful experience trying to create an online store, she was my saviour! So knowledgeable and willing to help me right away. The process was so smooth, and I was always updated on the site's progress despite being on opposite sides of the world through videos always giving me her tips on how to better my site and business. I have had so many compliments on how professional and well put together my website is, and couldn't be happier with the design and functionality. Couldn't recommend Danielle enough!

Events by Coco

Danielle came in a truly designed a website that truly speaks the heart of my business and brand. She truly was amazing and kept me up to date and put the heart back into my website that it was missing. I couldn't be happier! I have never felt so connected to my business. I am so excited and happy and can’t say thank you enough!

The Flower Dell

I am beyond thrilled with the contemporary look of my new website that Danielle designed for me. I can't recommend her enough for anyone looking for a fresh new look. She made it all effortless for me. She is talented and amazing to work with!

LFG Babe

I love my website so much! Danielle put exactly what I wanted but twenty times better. She killed it & has such a gift. I’m so happy I came across her page. I couldn’t of done anything the way Danielle has done it! 

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View your documents all in one place! Your client portal lets you keep track & stay organize. You'll know exactly what needs to be completed and when, which makes this process so much easier! 

✓ Sign contract & pay first invoice

✓ Get access to your personal client portal 

✓ Complete content guideline questionnaire

✓ Send over any images & additional elements

✓ Let me handle the rest!



If you're not sure if Showit or Squarespace would be the right fit for you, contact me and we can discuss further!

 Your website would be paired with the power of Wordpress hosting!  WordPress is hands down the most powerful system. Now you can have the benefits on having a website hosted by WPEngine but with no need to learn coding or learn Wordpress' confusing design builder!

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The amount of time that people spend on your websites is crucial for good SEO! It's so easy to turn a simple cookie-cutter website into something fun and unique. This keeps your people engaged and eager to scroll through your whole website! You've been engaged up until this point.. am I right? ;)



Having a unique mobile friendly website is sooo important! You have the ability to create a whole new experience from people's devices. Want some exclusive content on your mobile website that's not on the desktop version? Easy. Want to customize your mobile design to how you want it? Done!



With Showit, you're able to customize every little detail. Use fonts on different lines, rotate items, add slanted words.. all without coding! The creativity and design opportunities are  endless, and it's so easy to make changes when you get the hang of it!



You might know me as a Squarespace Designer + Circle Member. I do love Squarespace, but I was missing one thing = creative freedom. My brand represents creativity (hence my business name!) and I felt somewhat limited to what I could do. Don't get me wrong, you can definitely get unique with SS as well, but it just requires so much extra time with coding and my clients would have difficulty making those unique changes in the future. If you're an e-commerce website with 20-200 products then I would recommend that I build your website on Squarespace. If you're service based, Showit all the way!

My main mission is to make your website design as easy as possible to use. When I hand off the website to you, I want to make sure you fully know how to edit anything on your website. This is when I came across Showit. I stumbled across some websites done through this software, and I was blown away! I decided to try it out, and never looked back. I'm now able to fully express my creativity through my designs. Here are the main reasons I recommend Showit:

let me help!

Not sure if Showit is right for you?

If you're a service based business wanting to WOW your clients and make a great first impression, or an e-commerce business with less than 20 items. 

Paying for an expensive custom coded website, and constantly paying developers to maintain + update your website sounds atrocious to you.

You want an easy to manage and very unique website where you have full creative freedom & the ability to make changes whenever you please. 

Showit perfect for you if..

If you're an e-commerce business planning to sell 20-200 products on your website. Anything over 200, I always recommend Shopify (I'm sorry that I can't help with this!)

Paying for an expensive custom coded website, and constantly paying developers to maintain + update your website sounds atrocious to you.

You are a new service or product based business wanting a simple and modern looking website with little maintenance required.

SQUARESPACE perfect for you if..

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shining mia xo

the flower dell

let's f*ing go babe




Frequently Asked Questions

I have tried every single platform including Wordpress, Weebly, Wix etc. You name it, I've tried it. I wanted to find a website platform that would be the easiest platform for my clients to have the freedom to make the changes they want, whenever they want. In my opinion, Squarespace and Showit are the best in terms of functionality and is so easy for my clients to make their own changes without the need of a developer. It ends up saving YOU money in the end! At this time, I don't work with any other softwares except for Showit or Squarespace.

why don't you work with other softwares?

I will only take on projects of websites that need a full revamp! I unfortunately don't finish half completed websites as most of the time, my design will not work well with what you have currently created. I like to do everything to ensure it all blends well together and looks cohesive, which ends up costing me just as much time if I had to go and fix the design you have implemented. 


I know it sounds tempting to design your own website and save money. If you are just starting out and cannot afford it, feel free to play around and get creative. However, a website is the best investment hands down you can make for your business! If you are not knowledgeable in web design, your site might look unprofessional and cheap to your visitors. If potential customers come across your website versus your competitors who will they choose? Hiring a website designer will generate a quick payback on the money you've spent.


Due to UK VAT tax requirements, I will only consider website design for businesses that have a registered VAT number and exempt from tax. If you have this number and are able to verify this information, I can definitely help you! If you have any questions regarding this, please send me an email and we can discuss this further.

i live in the uk. can you help me?

Yes of course! I'm in charge of designing your entire website and making sure it is functioning properly. To keep your website running, you will need a domain (around $20/year) and a Showit or Squarespace plan which varies in pricing depending on the features required. Their plans include hosting! I'd recommend looking into their pricing options. If you require any custom fonts, graphics or a newsletter subscription, this is an additional cost. Contact me if you have any questions or need recommendations.

is there other costs involved?

I currently do not offer branding services, but I do have a handful of graphic designers that I can recommend! I can offer a simple typography logo depending on your requirements. Please email me if you have any questions!

do you offer logo/branding design?