Hi, I'm Danielle! As a fellow business owner, I know just how many weekends you’ve sacrificed, the doubts you’ve faced, and the effort you’ve poured into your business to make it all the way here. Now it’s time to celebrate with a website that reflects just how far you’ve come.

Helping you get the recognition and success that you deserve

simcoe county & barrie website designer

Whether you’re a wedding photographer looking for timeless and classic design or a restaurant owner who wants bold and bright colors, I'm ready! As a designer, there’s nothing I love more than a new challenge. Let’s add you to my list!

i love a design challenge

I've completed the Showit Standards Design Course (in other words, I’m qualified and Showit agrees!) and have been helping over 400+ businesses worldwide these past 5 years.

I'm a certified showit design partner

Professionally Speaking...

(And I’m so proud of!) is my seamless client experience and that’s thanks to my streamlined process that I’ve perfected over the years, so clients never feel overwhelmed or confused.

one of the things i'm known for...

I’m that person at the restaurant who tells the waiter to never stop with the parmesan.

i love anything with cheese

Many of my clients are too! If you're not the type to want to get on a phone call to book, I get it. I'm all about respecting what will make you feel comfortable! 

i'm an introvert at heart

Personally Speaking....

Which fits me perfectly because I’m super dedicated to (some might say overly obsessed with) my goals!

i'm a taurus-aries cusp

Whether it’s puzzles, pottery, or paint by numbers, I love anything creative. (However, I only start a puzzle when I know I can finish it all because I can’t focus on anything else… and yes, that totally happens with designing, too!)

i love artsy activities

my biggest supporters!

"Danielle never skipped a beat with getting to the core of who we are, and where we want to go with our business."

- amanda | sincerely jane events

i'm obsessed with my clients!

Since founding this business over four years ago, 400+ amazing creative businesses and female founders, based all over the world, have trusted me to help them create their online presence. 

As a business owner myself, I know firsthand how scary it can feel to invest in your business; worrying whether or not you’re spending your hard-earned money in the best way possible. When you choose Create with Danielle, I don’t take your investment (and trust in me!) lightly. That’s why I’ve spent years improving my skills, crafting a streamlined process, and continuing my education so the money you spend here isn’t well-spent, but an investment that pays for itself over and over again. 

On the very first day of launching my new website, I booked my first client.  

Growing up, I had two dreams: to become a marine biologist—if I lived near the ocean—or a destination wedding planner, so I could travel the world. 

I went the wedding planning route. After getting my certificate, I took my first job in the wedding industry. But pretty quickly I realized that it wasn’t for me. Not only was it too extroverted, but I also found that I didn’t enjoy working for someone else. As soon as the idea to start my own website design business popped into my head, I knew I had to go for it. With no experience, no degree, and no portfolio, I decided to stop listening to everyone around me and believe in myself instead.

much love, danielle

From wedding planner to website designer


studio assistant


Merideth is who will most likely greet you first when you reach out to us! She serves as the primary point of contact to ensure that your experience is seamless from start to finish. Whether you have initial queries or require ongoing support, she is here to offer personalized assistance and guide you through every step of your journey. 

#1 pupsistant!


Meet the furriest member of our team, Mochi! As my faithful pupsistant, he takes his role seriously—whether it's ensuring that every discovery call gets its dose of cuteness or just snoring away in the background. My past clients have come to know and love his cameo appearances in our calls; after all, who could resist those puppy dog eyes? 

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Making sure your website looks expertly designed, suits your style, and helps you reach your goals.

For all of that to happen, collaboration is a must. That’s why I named my business Create WITH Danielle —because your involvement is an essential part of the process. Whether you’re taking one of my templates and turning it into your own or you’re sharing your inspiration and feedback during the custom design process, we’ll be co-creating a website that goes above and beyond your biggest dreams.

Whether you’re DIY-ing your site with a template or want a custom website — the goals remain the same