Nice to meet you! I'm a website designer from Canada who loves to help other business owners like you, feel confident about their online presence by playing with my creativity to get you that website you've always wanted. 

On most days, you can find me at home cuddling with my fiancé and kitty & reading a good book. People who meet me in person would describe me as shy but full of ambition. I'm the biggest introvert but I use this to my advantage! People choose to work with me because of my strong listening skills. I love hearing about everyone's journey as an entrepreneur, and how I can help them grow online. I look forward to getting to know you :)

Read more about my journey on how I started my own business below! 

hi there!

During my month of unemployment, I read You are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero. The moment I finished this book for some odd reason, it all clicked in.. I was gonna stop making up excuses and go a different path in life. 

Within a few weeks, I launched my website design business. At first, it was scary! I was always worried of what my family and friends would think, and if anyone would even choose me over someone else. I had no portfolio or income, but with the motivation of my partner and loved ones, I took up the courage to start it. I couldn't believe it when I launched my first client within a week! Within 6 months of launching my business, I hit 5 figures in sales and can now focus on my business full time.

I hope this inspires you to go for it! You're going to be working for a long time, might as well do what you love. I could go on for days about how great being your own boss is, but if you're reading this, you must be thinking this already!

So go ahead, make that move & start your business. You can start by STARTING and the rest will follow. I'm here to help you through it. 

I can't wait to hear more about you and your business goals!



get to know me


I'm obsessed with the beach. If I could live anywhere, it would be Hawaii. The ocean is one of my favorite things in life! I love snorkelling, marine life, and just swimming in general. I would love to learn to surf one day! Since I live in Canada, we've decided to buy our future home near a lake up north! Close enough :)


There's nothing that makes me happier than my fiancé. I fell in love with him almost instantly, and knew he was the one I needed to marry! After being in a really abusive relationship before him, I knew what I deserved and wanted in a man. He has saved my life and is my biggest supporter. We have set our wedding date for 2021 in the beautiful Akumal, Mexico where we got engaged!


I'm the biggest bookworm! If you came to my house, you'd see shelves full of books (and color coded - yes i'm crazy) and it brings me so much joy. I love learning new things and reading non-fiction romance or mystery books. My favorite book of all time has to be The Program (must-read!)  I prefer books way more than TV or scrolling through social media. Guess you can call me old fashioned!


I'm an introvert at heart. You might think i'm super shy when you first meet with me in person, but I just don't get my energy off big groups of people and strangers! I need to warm up to you before I can feel comfortable and show my true personality. I'm a waitress part time which has helped me so much, but I will always be the most soft spoken and reserved person in a crowd.


What better way to get to know me than a few of my favorite things! Other than the people I love, some of my faves are: My Kitty Daisy, Shelties, Chicken Tacos, Dairy Queen Oreo Ice Cream Cake, Manicotti, Techno/EDM Music, Furry Blankets, Travelling to Warm Destinations, Ruth Ware, Urban Outfitters, Playing Board Games, Music Festivals, and anything that is pink!