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As a small business, I understand how stressful it is how to grow & run your business. I created this brand to help entrepreneurs (like you!) who need help figuring out how to manage a website, designing a beautiful online storefront, landing ideal clients and being more confident as an entrepreneur! 

There are millions of small businesses in your country alone that are fighting for a spot in this crazy online world. I'm here to make you beat out your competitors & make you feel proud of what you've built. I've worked with 100+ entrepreneurs helping them build a stunning website, hit amazing income, and landing their ideal clients. I'm so excited to take your business to the next level, and show you how incredibly powerful a good website can be for your business.

Helping female entrepreneurs showcase their true potential online through design.


How it All Began

It all started when I was trying to launch my own event design business. I couldn't believe my eyes when I seen website developers charging absurds amount of money for a simple website — and the design didn't even look good! I thought to myself, how can new business owners even grow online, if they need this big of an investment? 

In May 2019, I launched CWD with no experience, portfolio or school degree. My main purpose was to help new female entrepreneurs launch a beautiful website, with no developer needed. And in just two years, I've had the opportunity to work with hundreds of amazing female entrepreneurs & creative businesses all over the world. If I can do it — you can do too! Starting a business not knowing the outcome is scary, but you can be successful by investing in your business, working hard & believing in yourself. Let's chat about your vision!

Manicotti +  Garlic Bread

8. one food i can't live without

a. Lauren Conrad
b. Blake Lively 
c. Angelina Jolie 
d. Selena Gomez

7. my female idol growing up was 



a. Yoga
b. My Phone
c. A Good Book
d. Reality TV

5. I can't live without my...

Cuddling with my kitty

4. favorite part of my day

a. The Bachelor
b. HGTV Home Shows
c. Gilmore Girls
d. Crime Documentaries

3. most likely to binge watch

Open a cute inn in Mexico

2. someday i want to...

Anywhere near the ocean


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