During my first years of trying building a business, I had tried every single platform including Wordpress, Wix, Weebly, etc. You name it, I most likely tried it. I wanted to find a website platform that would be the easiest platform for my service-based clients to have the freedom to make the changes they want, whenever they want. In my opinion, Showit was the best in terms of functionality and is so easy for my clients to make their own changes without the need of a developer. It ends up saving YOU money in the end! Your website is worth investing in, mostly when you see the benefits to it.. better online presence = more sales/clients. It is the first thing your clients will look at first when researching your business! Showit is my new favorite software! When I hand off the website to you, I want to make sure you fully know how to edit anything on your website.


the best website platform

Do you struggle to manage your current website or have trouble creating your own?

» You have no coding or design experience
» You're using a complex software like Wordpress
» You're dependent on a developer to make changes for you because it's a hassle to do yourself

let me guess..

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Squarespace currently offers better e-commerce features within their system, but you can definitely have a small e-commerce store through Showit by integrating Shopify Lite, ThriveCart, WooCommerce, etc. I typically don't recommend Showit for e-commerce unless you have under 50 products. However, I do recommend Shopify for large inventories of 50+ products instead of Squarespace! If you were choosing between Squarespace & Showit for your large store and accepting payments, I'd stick with Squarespace.


Squarespace automatically provides a mobile design based on your desktop design and you can't make edits unless you input some coding. Things always look a little strange and off centered. This was my main issue when I designed with Squarespace back in the day! I would design a stunning desktop design to see it in mobile, and never getting it perfect. With Showit, you can fully customize your mobile and desktop side by side and create a unique experience! Having a nice mobile design is very important! If you currently have a website, you probably now how many visitors you get on mobile vs. desktop. It's the preferred device!

Mobile Design

which is better for your business?


Squarespace does offer great SEO tools for beginners, but nothing compares to the power of Wordpress Engine. Being powered through the most powerful host on earth, your search engine optimization will be amazing (if you work hard on your website content!) My website was on Squarespace before I switched over. In a few months after switching, I couldn't believe my eyes on the amount of organic searches & visitor traffic I had gained. This is the main reason why I highly recommend Showit, because I experienced it first-hand how good it felt to gain the visitors I wanted.

SEO Tools

I must admit, Squarespace is fairly to use if you're looking for a simple website or portfolio. If the website you're envisioning for your business is super unique and has fun/quirky touches, then Showit is the way to go! Squarespace is template-based and you edit by blocks which makes your website look cookie-cutter and similar to other sites. Once you pick your free template to edit, you have to work with what they provide you & don't allow much flexibility. I've designed 10+ websites on Squarespace and cringed anytime a client asked for something really unique. It can be hard to achieve!

Ease of Use

If you're not trying to break the bank to launch your website, I'd recommend to stay away from Wordpress. If you have the budget for it, why not! To get a custom website, you'll need to hire a designer and developer. Hiring two people rather than one can get costly! After your website is launched, its recommended to have a developer on hand in case of any plugin crashes, hackers or if your site crashes. I knew a client that spent thousands a year on a developer! With Showit, you'd only pay for the designer or premade template and you can handle the rest on your own easily without spending a penny.


With Wordpress, coding is your best friend. This can be difficult for small business owners who don't have coding experience and don't want to learn. This is why I never recommend it to my clients, only for huge businesses! It can be challenging to design a custom website without the help of a designer and developer, and there is a huge learning curve. However, Showit is a drag and drop builder with no coding required which is why its become so popular. If you've used Adobe Suite before, editing on Showit will be a breeze (it has a very similar feel). It'll still take time to get used to, but it's fun & easy to use once you get used to the platform!

Ease of Use

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Wordpress is the most powerful software in the world so you will have great SEO results with the right tools. The main question I get from potential clients wanting to switch over is if their SEO will get worse, but the answer is no! I've noticed the biggest increase in my ranking since switching to Showit and have had the same feedback from client websites as well. If you're inputting your page titles, descriptions & doing the correct steps, you'll get the same results as a Wordpress site. You even get Yoast SEO if you're Showit Wordpress blog which is the exact same between softwares!

SEO Tools

Showit has an AMAZING customer service team. They are truly the best I've ever worked with. They offer live chat which can be accessed in the editor, and also offer a variety of helpful documents that are updated weekly to ensure you're getting correct info! They care so much about every customer & it shows by their communication and effectiveness. On the other hand, Wordpress does not offer support. If your site crashes, gets a virus or anything terrible happens, it's all in your hands. There's always people there to help, but not as effective and fast as the Showit team.

Support Team

Cheaper pricing is the main reason I see people use Wix. They offer a free plan, but its super limited and includes their branding. In my opinion, choose quantity over a price deal when it comes to your business and its success. If your website on Wix is doing poorly because of a cheap looking design, why not pay the extra dollars a month and have the website that will attract the clients you need? Showit has very similar pricing when you are paying for the best plan, and it's just so much better to use. Please take this advice from a designer herself!


Wix is fairly easy to use as they are also considered a drag and drop builder, but you will not get the flexibility that you need with Wix. You'll never be able to get your content exactly how you envision it and it can get frustrating if having a unique website is important to you. With Showit, it's a literal blank canvas and the design capabilities are endless. If you're familiar with Adobe Suite, Showit will be a breeze for you since it has a similar feel.

Ease of Use

which is better for your business?


Both have built in SEO tools, but nothing compares to the power of Wordpress Engine. Since Showit integrates with Wordpress, you'll have access to Yoast SEO which is the best SEO tool you can have. Ever since I switched to Showit, I couldn't believe my eyes when I seen the organic searches I gained, and my search engine ranking. It's the best I've ever seen it, and I've had both Wix and Squarespace websites before! It's always possible hire an expert to help improve your ranking, but it'll be easier for you to get on a more powerful software and let it to the work for you.

SEO Tools

Wix has e-commerce features when Showit does not. However, Wix ecommerce features are limited and I'd recommend any other software for an online store. I built a few Wix websites and they can turn out great, but it was frustrated to keep organized in my opinion! A lot of requests I received from clients were not possible in their platform and I always felt like ripping my hair out! You can have a small e-commerce section on your Showit site by integrating Shopify Lite, ThriveCart, WooCommerce, or any other cart system. For larger e-commerce stores I'd stick to Shopify for best results & easy navigation.


This is not included in my services and would be purchased separately before the launch. I also recommend paying yearly as it saves you a ton of money! If you've never had a website before and do not understand why this costs money - you need a software for your website to be live to the world! Your plan includes hosting (no need to purchase from a third party app like Wordpress) and includes support 24/7. If your website crashes or something happens, Showit takes care of it for you. You won't need a developer to fix anything, as the Showit team makes sure everything is always running smoothly!


pricing breakdown

Showit Plan

In order to get your website live, you'll need a domain! This is typically $20/year and I recommend GoDaddy, Google Domains or Hover. If you are wanting any other additional things on your website, this will cost extra. This may include: email marketing software (check out my business tools for a sweet discount!), graphics, custom fonts, stock photos, appointment scheduler, privacy policy & terms of use template, Instagram Feed widget, and anything else you may need to run your business. Check my recommended business tools below!

Additional Expenses