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During my first year in business,, I had tried every single platform including Wordpress, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, etc.  I wanted to find a website platform that would be the easiest platform for my service-based clients to have the freedom to make the changes they want, whenever they want without having to pay thousands for developers every year. In my opinion, Showit was the best in terms of functionality and is so easy for my clients to make their own changes anytime they please. Your website is worth investing in, mostly when you see the benefits to it.. better online presence = more sales/clients. It is the first thing your clients will look at first when researching your business! All of my clients & template customers that use Showit rave about the platform and how easy it is for them to use. The people that still contact me asking for help? My past Squarespace clients.. Now that I've receive such confident feedback about Showit, it's the only platform I use for my service-based clients & templates.

•  You have no coding or design experience
•  You're using a complex website software
•  You're dependent to pay a developer to make changes for you because it's a hassle to do yourself.
• You're a new business owner who's confused on which platform to use & has no idea how to start!

with showit...

why i use showit for all of my service-based clients? 

here's why:

•  No coding or design experience needed
•  Fully drag & drop builder with design freedom
•  Fun & easy to use platform for beginners
•  No need to pay a developer or designer for website maintenance as the Showit team takes care of you, and you can easily make changes on your own.

let me guess...

Do you struggle to manage your current website or have trouble creating your own?


Other than needing your website content (written copy + images) - you might have to pay additional costs if you're wanting any extra features. This may include: email marketing software, custom fonts, appointment scheduler, Shopify Lite buttons, privacy policy, Instagram widget, etc. Check my recommended business tools below!



In order to get your website live and public, you'll need a domain! A domain is the address/URL of your website that people use to visit your website! This is pretty affordable and my personal recommendation is GoDaddy. You can also find your domain on Google Domains, Hover, or any other third party domain provider.

private domain


You need a software for your website to designed & hosted on! Your plan includes hosting (no need to purchase separately) and includes support 24/7 from their amazing team. If your website crashes or something happens, Showit takes care of it for you. Their pricing starts at $19-$40/month and it's worth every penny! 

Showit Plan

what you'll need to get started


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