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Introducing the beautiful new website design for Sincerely Jane Events, a luxury event & wedding planning team. Sincerely Jane Events had their initial website built on WordPress, and while it got the job done, it felt like they were always on the guest list but never the life of the party. The website was all locked down by a developer, making it a pain for them to update or tweak anything themselves. It just wasn’t serving them well or doing justice to the opulence they bring to every event. Since making the switch to Showit, they now have a website that truly reflects their brand’s essence. It’s luxurious but approachable, polished but utterly them.

Kind Words From Amanda

“Danielle genuinely cares. We looked into a few companies because we knew we wanted to be able to fully trust someone to care about our business so they could create a site in that mental space. Danielle never skipped a beat with getting to the core of who we are, and where we want to go with our business. When it came time for us to see the site for the first time it was very hard to find anything we wanted to change. It was more of a small refinement process of our words and images. We genuinely can not thank her enough for caring about our business as much as we do and creating a site we will be screaming from the rooftops about!”

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Brand Design: Danielle Labonte Designs

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