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I’m thrilled to feature a project that hits close to the heart: Jenkins Creative Counseling Center, a mental health therapy and counseling center in North Carolina. Janiece had DIY’d her website but felt visitors were turning away due to an outdated design. This new design welcomes visitors into a space that feels safe, fun, and conducive to mental wellness! We made a site that’s clean, sure, but also fun and colorful—kind of like a virtual happy place. Now, when you hit the homepage, you feel like you’re walking into a cozy, uplifting space. Explore the counseling & therapist website design.

Kind Words from Janiece

“Danielle is absolutely amazing. I was able to share my vision with her, and she made it come to life! Highly recommend her as she makes it her utmost goal to meet the needs of all of her clients through her passion and creativity. I love my new website design, and it will definitely attract more clientele. Right away, I wanted a design that was welcoming with a clear message. These components are helpful for clients when exploring more about counseling services.”

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