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I’m stoked to showcase a project that’s all about transformation: Essence Design. This Ottawa-based interior design studio has an eye for beauty, but when it came to web design, things weren’t quite falling into place. Originally, the owner had crafted her website on WordPress, aiming to create a digital home for her creative vision. But despite her design flair, she found herself overwhelmed when it came to making edits and updates. That’s when we switched gears, transitioning to the Showit platform. A modern, elegant website can elevate Dawn’s brand image, clearly setting her apart from competitors. High-quality images, well-curated content, and a polished design aesthetic convey a sense of professionalism and expertise that prospective clients will find compelling. And what a game-changer that’s been! Explore the interior designer website design below.

Transitioning From WordPress to Showit

Since making the move to Showit, she’s been over the moon. Not only is the platform more intuitive, but it’s also given her the flexibility she needs to showcase her ever-expanding interior design portfolio without needing any website development or coding experience. She finds the drag-and-drop feature especially liberating, empowering her to make real-time updates effortlessly. Now, she can easily add new project galleries that bring her designs to life online!

Dawn couldn’t be happier with her decision to switch to Showit. She feels invigorated, empowered, and excited for this new chapter in her digital journey, confident that her website will continue to attract and inspire those seeking a home transformation of their own.

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