Yes it’s possible! But please keep in mind that Showit is better suited for service-based businesses or any businesses that wants a small shop (1-15 products) added to their site without the website being primarily for selling products, which requires a third party cart system like Shopify Lite or ThriveCart. If your business is primarily focused on e-commerce, I would recommend an e-commerce focused website builder.



You can forget about hiring a developer, trying to learn CSS to get a unique Squarespace website to look unique, or getting a headache every time you need to make changes to your website. Showit is an easy-to-use editor that past “beginner” customers have loved – and I know you will too!
I’ve tried to work with other Showit templates before and Danielle’s is by far the best! The template itself was so easy to work with and made it so easy to add my own information/ pictures in. I feel like my website has never looked better or more professional than it does now thanks to Danielle’s template! The editing process was very enjoyable and straight forward especially with the showit course she provided. Her customer service has been amazing, always responding super quick and helping me with anything I had questions about. I can’t wait to launch my new site!”